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    EGO EXINNO 240W & 120W : The King of Chargers

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    The world runs on charged mobile devices. From laptops and tablets to smartphones and smartwatches, everything we use needs to be charged.  Ego Innovation Ltd of Hong Kong has finally created a charger that’s up to the tasks of our lives: the Ego EXINNO 240W/120W charger. With six charging ports and seven charging protocols, this […] More

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    PLAY YOUR FAVORITE SONGS IN FULL • RECORD YOUR PERFORMANCES AND TRACK YOUR PROGRESS • INTERACT WITH YOUR FAVORITE AUDIO APPS •  Roadie Coach attaches to your instrument and makes it smarter.  This device, combined with the app, is an innovative solution that helps aspiring musicians learn acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and singing at almost […] More

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    BP Doctor MED – A Medical-Grade Blood Pressure Smartwatch


    Personal medical device expert YHE Techs launches BP Doctor MED – A Medical-Grade Blood Pressure Smartwatch. This innovative new product is the world’s first FDA-approved & CE-marked* wearable blood pressure smartwatch with 24/7 health status tracking and in-app family sharing. Now, anyone can monitor and stay up-to-date on their vitals to better understand their overall […] More

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    Eilik – A Little Desktop Companion Bot with Endless Fun

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    The desktop companion robot with emotional intelligence Eilik is a desktop companion robot with emotional intelligence, and is created to make life brighter and better for people. “Technology and robots are advancing faster than ever: voice assistance, pattern recognition, service robots, educational robots, industrial robots…They are designed to provide information, do repetitive work to make […] More

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    The Shire of the Hobbits comes to life in Abruzzo

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    Take a fantastic story, a dreamy geologist who is a pastry chef, two hectares of land and a crowdfunding platform. Mix the ingredients and… Welcome to Middle-earth! From dream to reality thanks to collective financing. Middle-earth in which “The Lord of the Rings” is set, the famous novel by JR Tolkien and film trilogy by […] More

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    The Author Clock launches on Kickstarter with thousands of liter

    Whether it’s a classic or newly published, this unique clock will help you discover your next favorite book any minute.  Pasadena, October 13, 2021 – Mechanical Design Labs has launched the Author Clock on Kickstarter. Author uses thousands of books from dozens of genres written across six centuries to display a quote that mentions the current […] More

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    Reevo : The Hubless E-Bike

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    The hubless Reevo e-bike provides wheel storage and a triple barrier anti-theft system (biometric security, motion sensing, and GPS tracking).  It also comes with an autonomous lighting system plus integrated signal and brake lights built into the wheels. The creators have focused mainly on convenience, safety, and stylish functionalities. They will be launching a crowdfunding […] More

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