in Introduces Hosted Checkout Solution to Support Open Banking Payments, a leading UK payment specialist and payment initiation service provider, has launched a groundbreaking Hosted Checkout solution that enables merchants to accept all major payment methods, including Open Banking payments, through a single integration.

The Hosted Checkout solution is a pre-built, highly flexible, and easy-to-implement tool that enables merchants to accept credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Open Banking payments all in one place. This solution addresses the challenges faced by merchants who have to integrate multiple systems to offer different payment methods to their customers.

Mark Johnson, Commercial Director at, explained the significance of the new offering: “Our Hosted Checkout solution tackles a critical issue for merchants who want to provide their customers with a wide range of payment options but do not want to go through the time-consuming process of multiple integrations. The ability to offer Open Banking payments, which is not yet widely used in many sectors, alongside other payment methods without the need for separate integrations, is a game changer for forward-thinking merchants.”

One of the major benefits of’s Hosted Checkout solution is its ability to simplify the integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay. Merchants can avoid the hassle of creating developer accounts and submitting applications to Apple and Google separately since everything can be done through’s single integration.

Moreover, the Hosted Checkout solution provides an all-in-one platform for Open Banking payments, eliminating the need to work with a different payment processor. This streamlined approach makes it easy for merchants to adopt Open Banking payments through’s own solution.

In addition to its simplicity and convenience, the Hosted Checkout solution offers several other advantages. Merchants can easily configure and customize the payment methods without any coding. The solution also boasts a range of design customization features that allow merchants to align the branding and colors of the Hosted Checkout to match the aesthetics of their website, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand experience for customers.

With this innovative Hosted Checkout solution, further establishes itself as a leader in the payment industry by providing merchants with a comprehensive and efficient tool to offer diverse payment options all in one place.

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