Airwallex Launches Initiative to Reduce Foreign Exchange Costs for UK Investors Acquiring US-based Equities

Airwallex, the global payments and financial platform, has announced its partnership with Public, a multi-asset investing platform in the US. The collaboration aims to reduce conversion costs for UK investors who purchase US-based equities on the Public app. This partnership comes as Public expands into the UK, marking its first venture outside of the United States. With this expansion, UK members gain access to over 5,000 US-listed equities, benefit from low foreign exchange fees, and enjoy zero-commission trading during US stock market hours. Airwallex’s financial infrastructure and global payment capabilities will create a seamless investment journey for Public’s customer base.

By leveraging Airwallex’s API and developer toolkit, Public aims to provide a frictionless experience for UK investors converting GBP into USD to invest in US stocks. Ryan O’Holleran, Head of Enterprise Sales at Airwallex EMEA, believes that global access to an investment platform levels the playing field for retail investors and highlights how Airwallex’s financial operating infrastructure facilitates global operations for businesses like Public. The integration of Airwallex has made it easier for UK members to access the US markets.

Dann Bibas, GM of International at Public, sees the partnership with Airwallex as the first step towards transforming into a global investment platform. This aligns with Public’s mission to make public markets accessible to all. Bibas expresses confidence that Airwallex’s suite of cross-border payment and foreign exchange solutions will enable Public to support more investors across different locations in the long run.

Airwallex describes itself as a leading global financial platform for modern businesses, providing solutions for payment, treasury, spend management, and embedded finance. The platform eliminates friction in global payments and financial operations, allowing businesses of all sizes to expand beyond borders. Airwallex currently supports over 100,000 businesses worldwide and is trusted by prominent brands such as Brex, Rippling, Navan, Qantas, and SHEIN.

Airwallex (UK) Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. As for Public, it is an investing platform that offers a wide range of investment options, including stocks, treasuries, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets like fine art and collectibles. With access to custom company metrics, live shows about the markets, and insights from a community of millions of investors, creators, and analysts, Public aims to help individuals become better investors.

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