ALNPET+ | Make Your Pets Fall in Love With Drinking Water

Pet water fountain providing the world’s cleanest water with UVC, nanosilver filters purifying drinking water for your pets.

Pettofund introduced on Kickstarter a unique water fountain for both cats and dogs that combines laws of gravity with circulating water filtration and UVC, nano silver technology to make hydration maximally comfortable for pets and effortless for their parents. ALNPET+ also comes with motion triggered features to keep the water clean and minimize water waste.

Pets have a low thirst drive, which means they can easily get dehydrated and develop serious diseases such as kidney problems, diabetes, diarrhea, etc.,” says Leo Chang, founder and CEO of ALNPET. “With ALNPET+ we aim to entice pets to drink their required daily amount of water, turning that into the most enjoyable experience.”

Some of ALNPET+  highlights include:

• UVC Sterilization

• NanoTech Odor Removal

• Circulating Filtration System

• Comprehensive Water Filter

• Motion Triggered

• Constant Supply of Clean & Fresh Water

ALNPET+ is designed to safely serve your pets

“Designed for all the pets and pet owners out there, our aim is to create a pet water fountain that filters the water, sterilizes the water, and keeps the water circulating all at the same time.” says founder Leo Chang. “It has taken us about a year from brainstorming, designing, to prototyping, and we’ve sent out numerous prototypes for actual pet owners to test out, and with their feedback, our team further enhanced the functionality and design of our product.”

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