Archie, Un Partner di Accelerazione per Fintech Disruptors, Lanciato per Scalerà le Aziende di Tecnologia Finanziaria Archie, an Acceleration Partner for Fintech Disruptors, Launches to Scale Financial Technology Firms

Archie, a groundbreaking fintech acceleration partner, has officially launched with the goal of scaling the next generation of fintech disruptors and positioning them as industry leaders. Recognizing that financial backing alone is not sufficient to turn fintech ambitions into reality, Archie aims to identify promising early-stage fintechs worldwide and work closely with their founders to propel their growth.

By investing intellectual capital and growth expertise into Series A & B firms during their critical go-to-market stage, Archie aims to significantly increase the likelihood of high-potential fintechs transitioning from startups to sustainable high-growth businesses.

In its initial phase, Archie will primarily focus on collaborating with fintechs in Australia, the UK, and the rapidly expanding Middle East fintech market. These regions align with the team’s deep expertise, experience, and networks, enabling them to assist founders in accessing global markets.

The leadership team driving Archie is composed of Anthony Thomson, a renowned serial entrepreneur in the fintech industry, and Steve Brennen, a global tech and fintech leader who has previously held key roles at companies such as Uber, PayPal, eBay, and Zip. With their combined experience, Archie aims to assemble one of the most formidable scale-up teams in fintech, offering deep expertise in driving hyper-growth.

Archie’s unique approach involves working side-by-side with fintech founders and deploying a team of experts to supercharge their partners’ growth, mitigate risks associated with go-to-market strategies, and maximize their chances of success. Over the past two decades, Archie’s team has played a pivotal role in founding and scaling some of the world’s largest brands and fintechs, including Uber, eBay, PayPal, Atom Bank, and 86 400.

Anthony Thomson, Co-Founder and Chair of Archie, expressed his belief in the positive impact of fintechs, highlighting their ability to disrupt the financial services industry and provide enhanced products, services, and experiences for customers. However, too many promising fintech ideas have fallen short due to lack of support. Archie aims to change this by offering hands-on senior support to fill the existing void. Thomson emphasizes the urgency of utilizing resources effectively and states that Archie’s model ensures their years of global expertise are embedded, and their interests are aligned with founders, ultimately paving the way for founders and their fintechs to achieve their full potential.

Co-Founder and Archie CEO, Steve Brennen, acknowledges that building a fintech from the ground up is challenging, but scaling one is even more arduous. With their battle scars and deep knowledge, the Archie team is equipped to provide invaluable guidance to founders. They will assist in developing and implementing go-to-market strategies, leveraging Archie’s extensive experience in strategy, marketing, sales, and governance within the tech and fintech sectors. Additionally, founders will have access to the ARCHIE NETWORK, enabling them to forge partnerships, secure funding, and recruit top talent. Brennen affirms his excitement for supporting the next generation of fintech disruptors to reach their full potential and facilitate founders’ successful journeys.

Archie’s innovative model stands out by offering fintechs the means to superscale through a range of support mechanisms. This includes leveraging Archie’s experience, expertise, and toolkits to drive hyper-growth. Operational support will help fintechs develop and execute go-to-market plans, drawing on Archie’s extensive global experience in highly regulated markets. Fintechs will also benefit from senior board advisors, including experienced Chairs & CEOs such as Anthony Thomson and Paul Pester, who will enhance governance and strategy. Lastly, access to the ARCHIE NETWORK will facilitate partnerships, provide capital support, and aid in talent acquisition.

Differentiating itself within the fintech ecosystem, Archie adopts an “equity first” approach. In exchange for equity, Archie invests its intellectual capital, go-to-market expertise, and the highly regarded ARCHIE NETWORK. This model ensures a genuine partnership with fintech founders, aligning all interests towards driving success.

Archie’s launch will be marked by a series of events throughout the remainder of 2023, commencing in Dubai on September 12th, 2023.

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