Arqit Quantum, Sierra Nevada Corp. Mission Systems UK Announce Strategic Teaming Agreement

Arqit Quantum Inc. (Nasdaq: ARQQ, ARQQW) and Sierra Nevada Corporation Mission Systems UK, LTD. have announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on developing robust high-grade security solutions and services. Arqit is a leading provider of quantum-safe encryption, while SNC MS UK specializes in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) services for the UK and its coalition partners.

By combining their expertise, the two companies aim to leverage Arqit’s Symmetric Key Agreement Platform and SNC MS UK’s services to protect and manage data, communications, devices, sensors, and network infrastructures in the aerospace and national security sectors. This collaboration will provide customers with resilient security and privacy solutions across both open and closed networks, safeguarding against a range of cyber threats including spoofing, harvesting, and tampering.

David Williams, founder, chairman, and CEO of Arqit, expressed his excitement about partnering with SNC MS UK to meet the increasing demand for enhanced protection against cyberattacks. Arqit’s unique Symmetric Key Agreement Platform enables organizations to strengthen their resilience against cyber threats and address the risks associated with spoofing and quantum attacks.

Traditional encryption methods are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the rapid advancement of computing technology and the actions of malicious actors. Arqit’s Symmetric Key Agreement Platform, built on secure-by-design principles, offers crypto agility and is easy to integrate and scale into existing networks. It follows zero trust principles and eliminates the risks associated with key distribution by creating encryption keys at any endpoint.

This platform not only protects against current cyber vulnerabilities but also safeguards against the future quantum threat. It secures information in transit and at rest, covering applications to the cloud as well as IoT and phone to gateways.

Hywel Baker, managing director of SNC Mission Systems UK, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the importance of advanced security solutions in combatting cyber threats. The collaboration between Arqit and SNC MS UK will undoubtedly contribute to the development of innovative security technologies that provide robust protection for organizations in critical sectors such as aerospace and national security.

With their shared expertise and commitment to addressing emerging threats, this strategic partnership is poised to make significant strides in creating resilient and secure solutions for the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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