ASMX Group and MERJ Exchange Collaborate to Enhance Trading Efficiency of Securities and Fractional Assets

ASMX Group PLC, a leading developer of digital trading technology, has announced a significant strategic agreement with MERJ Exchange. The partnership aims to launch a digital trading solution that allows companies to list traditional debt and equity securities, as well as fractionalized assets like green infrastructure and real estate on a global scale. The new platform will offer on-exchange trading, clearing, settlement, and registry services, while also incorporating Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems, and integrated payment solutions.

ASMX Group PLC will provide a regulated Exchange Sponsor, an Exchange Member, and a comprehensive custody service called “ASMX Custody Services”. The offering is specifically designed to cater to smaller issuers of listed securities, providing them with an accessible and integrated solution. By leveraging modern technology, the platform aims to minimize costs and reduce administrative burden, enabling SMEs and issuers of alternative assets to easily bring exchange-listed securities to the market.

Alex Benger, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ASMX Group PLC, expressed his excitement about the partnership with MERJ, stating that they selected MERJ because of their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and their embrace of modern technologies and processes. ASMX Group PLC offers regulated broker-dealers the opportunity to connect to their innovative ecosystem and trade across MERJ while maintaining their own customer base. They also provide onboarding and client management platforms to streamline the process for market participants.

ASMX and MERJ both share a vision of enhancing liquidity within the SME debt and equity space. The launch of connected platforms in the UK, Malta, Abu Dhabi, and Jersey is on the horizon, with plans for further expansion in the future. These platforms will serve as operators for the ASMX onboarding process, actively marketing their platforms to customers and originating listings for the exchange.

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