Austria: Rocksolid Estate Seeks to Tokenize Real Estate Investments, Collaborates with eCredits

eCredits and Rocksolid Estate AG, an Austrian-based company, have announced their partnership to offer tokenized real estate investments. Rocksolid, an organization that builds applications using Credit Blockchain, aims to provide fractionalized real estate investments for managed properties. This financing process, called “Instant Real Yield” (IRY), offers a less burdensome investment opportunity. Teaming up with Equito, a regulated broker under MiFID II, Rocksolid promises a secure and regulated investment option. Investors who join the platform can gain voting rights and choose to invest in commercial real estate or green energy initiatives such as solar power plants. Sebastian Arnezeder, the CEO of Rocksolid Estate AG, sees this collaboration as a way to expand access to traditionally exclusive investment opportunities through blockchain technology. The CEO of Peoples SCE, Bernhard Blaha, claims that this partnership aims to help investors build wealth by leveraging the transformative potential of blockchain in democratizing finance. Interested individuals can inquire about a minimum investment of €100,000 with a discount ranging from 5% to 15%. Earlier this year, Rocksolid issued a private token called ROC, which was sold to investors. The public offering, known as an STO, was made available in the EU and offers profit participation rights to investors.

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