Aventus Group to Fulfill Short-Term Obligations Towards PeerBerry Investors Impacted by War

Aventus Group, a financial services company, is set to fully repay its war-affected short-term obligations to PeerBerry investors, amounting to a total of EUR 35.13 million. The final repayment is scheduled to be processed on September 5th. PeerBerry will process the last repayment of EUR 1.28 million, which will cover the remaining war-affected short-term principal amount and accumulated interest. This repayment will mark the closure of Aventus Group’s war-affected short-term loans, six months earlier than initially planned.

With this final repayment, Aventus Group will have repaid a total of EUR 39.93 million towards its war-affected obligations, including interest. The remaining amount of war-affected long-term obligations currently stands at EUR 1.17 million, with EUR 4.8 million already repaid. The company continues to repay the long-term loans every month according to the initial loan schedules.

The CEO of Aventus Group, Andrejus Trofimovas, expressed gratitude to investors for their trust and partnership during challenging times. He highlighted the company’s resilience and responsible borrowing policy, which enabled them to overcome the impact of the war. Trofimovas emphasized the importance of diversification in business and mentioned the company’s efforts to expand into new countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and Kenya. Aventus Group is focused on sustainable business growth and intends to borrow funds only as needed for development.

Starting from September 5th, there will be slight adjustments in interest rates for investing in loans on the PeerBerry platform. These adjustments are based on the group of companies’ profitability and borrowing needs. As an investor, you can choose from the highest (12%) and lowest (9%) margin of interest rates, depending on your investment strategy. However, loans with the highest interest rate are limited in availability. You can find more details about the adjusted interest rates applicable from September 5th on the PeerBerry platform.

In addition to Aventus Group, Gofingo Group will also continue to cover its war-affected obligations in the middle of each month. The remaining amount of Gofingo Group’s war-affected loans is currently EUR 4.18 million, with EUR 5.99 million already repaid.

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