Banala Sense Uses Isochronic Technology and Varying Sound Freque

Approximately 33-50% of the adult population experiences symptoms of insomnia at some point in their lifetime. From endless tossing and turning in bed and difficulty concentrating to serious health issues, bad quality of sleep significantly impacts the quality of life.

Having struggled with insomnia himself, Kridsakon Yaomanee used his experience in Brain-computer interface research to create a device that uses isochronic tones and mixtures of various sound frequencies to help users focus, relax, reduce stress and improve sleep.

Following the success of two previous Kickstarter campaigns in 2019 and 2020, Banala delivered over 3000 devices to satisfied users. Receiving overwhelmingly positive testimonials, the Banala team embarked on a mission to bring their innovation back to the masses, this time even more improved.

As Kridsakon Yaomanee, the founder of the company puts it, “We believe that the better you sleep, the more peaceful you will feel. We have already helped thousands of people all over the world find a better way to get the sleep they need.”

How It Works

Banala sense functions through isochronic tones, which are sounds that come on and off at regular intervals and are known for their sleep improvement and power-napping benefits. Together with these tones, the device emits a blend of sound frequencies that help the user clear their head, relax and enter a state of deep sleep.

Once turned on, the Smart Sleep-Cycle-Inducing System will start with the Theta Isochronic sound to help clear the cluttered mind. Then, the Theta wave will put users into a deep sleep while the Delta wave ensures intense rest. Afterward, the Theta and Delta wavelengths, as well as a combination of other frequencies, will be emitted interchangeably to imitate a regular sleep cycle and make sure the peaceful sleep continues all night.

An innovation since the previous version of the device, Banala Sense can also function as a Bluetooth mini-speaker, blending the isochronic sound frequency into the users’ favorite music for those who like enjoying tunes while relaxing.

Banala Sense is not only about better sleep. The device offers three additional modes: Focus, Relax, and Feel Good.

  • Focus: The focus button provides a blended sound frequency in the range of the Beta wave that improves focus on any given task, whether working or studying.
  • Relax: The relax button provides a blended sound frequency in the Alpha wave range to induce deep relaxation.
  • Feel good: The state-of-the-art frequency in the Alpha and Gamma wave range helps transform the mood and beat the blues

Thanks to Banala Sense, a good night’s sleep is only one button away.

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