Blackhawk Network and Visa Jointly Launch Environmental Sustainability Initiative for Payments Provider

Branded payments provider Blackhawk Network (BHN) has announced a partnership with Visa to transition its network branded prepaid products from plastic to paper-based materials. This initiative, set to launch later this year in the US, Canada, and Australia, has the potential to impact over 350 million open loop and multi-branded products produced by BHN, as well as up to another 700 million third-party cards. The shift to more sustainable materials aims to benefit the environment while maintaining convenience and reliability for merchants, issuers, brands, and consumers.

BHN has been offering eco-friendly, paper-based, and recycled products since 2017, and with the support of global networks like Visa, it plans to expand its efforts on a broader scale. The company aims to convert the majority of its own products to paper substrates by the end of this year and encourage and support its card partners in making the switch by the end of 2024. BHN is the first in its industry to gain broad approval from global networks and commit to such a significant environmental program.

Talbott Roche, CEO and president of BHN, expressed the company’s commitment to leading the industry’s shift towards sustainability. By collaborating with influential brands like Visa, BHN aims to create a more sustainable payment card market. The company believes that its vast network puts it in a unique position to pioneer change and reduce its global footprint while setting an example for others to follow.

Visa, known for its commitment to operating as a sustainable business, is thrilled to join forces with BHN in its sustainability efforts. Douglas Sabo, Chief Sustainability Officer at Visa, stated that by working together, they can achieve their goal of being an engine of sustainable commerce, including through sustainable payment cards.

In addition to transitioning to paper-based cards, BHN is also focusing on innovation in its digital card offerings. By leveraging digital payments and rewards, the company aims to reduce the demand for plastic-based cards even further.

Overall, BHN’s partnership with Visa and its dedication to sustainability in the prepaid and gift card industry demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and inspiring others to follow suit.

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