Blockchain Firm Nansen and Sixdegree to Offer Onchain Insights to DAOs and Institutional Market Participants

Nansen, a leading provider of on-chain insights for the crypto industry, has announced a partnership with Sixdegree, an onchain research firm specializing in incentive optimization. This collaboration aims to provide crypto teams with improved data services and comprehensive support, while also contributing to a more informed and empowered community.

Crypto teams often face challenges when it comes to understanding their users and the dynamics within their sector. Despite the transparency of blockchains, interpreting user intent, activity, and patterns remains difficult due to their anonymous nature and the complexity of onchain data interpretation.

Deep onchain analysis is crucial for the success of crypto teams. With their expertise in top protocols such as Lens and Gnosis Safe, Sixdegree has partnered with Nansen to develop dashboards and models for analyzing onchain user behaviors, ecosystem growth, and token incentives.

This partnership will not only enhance the capabilities of both teams but also provide a wider range of services to crypto teams, empowering them to achieve further growth.

Alex Svanevik, CEO at Nansen, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it showcases how a leading blockchain analytics team can benefit from building on the strongest data analytics platform in the market. Customers of both Sixdegree and Nansen will greatly benefit from this collaboration.

Sixdegree’s platform builds upon traditional Web 2.0 behavioral data frameworks, offering a quantitative and dynamic approach to growth for blockchain protocols. By using predictive models, they calibrate and improve retention, customer lifetime value, and incentives for a variety of protocols.

The partnership between Nansen and Sixdegree will provide unparalleled insights on the onchain activity of Web3 businesses, along with business intelligence and competitive intelligence solutions. It will also offer market analysis, trend identification, liquidity shifts, trading strategy evaluation, and market sentiment assessment. By combining their strengths, Nansen and Sixdegree introduce a new layer of accuracy and transparency to onchain insights, enabling teams to better understand their users, enhance customer interactions, and stay ahead of industry changes.

Ultimately, this collaboration will help organizations comprehend the dynamics of the crypto world and make more educated decisions based on onchain data. It showcases Nansen’s commitment to expanding its services and providing innovative avenues for seamless information exchange.

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