Blockchain Firm Vechain and Vyvo Smart Chain Prioritize Enhanced Health Outcomes and Sustainable Human Development

VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at promoting better health outcomes and sustainable human development. Vyvo Smart Chain, backed by the VSC Foundation, is a purpose-built blockchain that aims to revolutionize the monetization of healthcare data. It is building an ecosystem that rewards and promotes individual health by empowering users to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Vyvo Smart Chain leverages proprietary smartwatch technologies to generate user data and is in the process of building a platform for health information trading and monetization. With the global ownership of smartwatches estimated to reach 216 million in 2023, and an additional 1.1 billion IoT devices generating health data daily, Vyvo Smart Chain sees a unique opportunity to disrupt and grow in this fast-growing industry.

The CEO of Vyvo Smart Chain, Fabio Galdi, believes that people should own their own health data and its value. The integration with VeChain allows Vyvo Smart Chain to capitalize on VeChain’s technical expertise and acumen, fostering a thriving community of users who can choose the blockchain that works best for them. Vyvo Smart Chain plans to launch VIP-180 versions of its native tokens, $VSC and $USDV, as well as smart contracts within the VeChain ecosystem to promote cross-chain utilization.

The partnership between VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Good Health and Well-being’. Both companies aspire to build an equitable and healthier future for global society. Galdi states that they are aiming for a paradigm shift by creating an ecosystem that rewards users and gives them control over their data. Through this alliance, VeChain ensures the security of the data and provides monetary benefits for users who wish to capitalize on their health information.

VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain aim to disrupt the health tech industry and unlock new value creation vectors. As data becomes increasingly valuable, this partnership leverages trustless data, smart contracts, and IoT technologies to empower individuals and drive self-empowerment. This is only the first phase of their collaboration, as they have other use cases and application scenarios to explore in future tech releases.

VeChain, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is known for its smart contract platform, VechainThor, which spearheads the adoption of blockchain technology in the real world. With the ability to enable solutions across various fields, VeChain now focuses on building digital ecosystems for sustainability and digital transformation at a global scale.

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