BP Doctor MED – A Medical-Grade Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Personal medical device expert YHE Techs launches BP Doctor MED – A Medical-Grade Blood Pressure Smartwatch. This innovative new product is the world’s first FDA-approved & CE-marked* wearable blood pressure smartwatch with 24/7 health status tracking and in-app family sharing. Now, anyone can monitor and stay up-to-date on their vitals to better understand their overall health. BP Doctor MED.

YHE BP Doctor MED Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Tracking blood pressure over time provides important insight into the body’s condition, and is one of the most significant indicators of overall health that a person can self-monitor. Until now, having a fast, easy, and accurate way to measure heart rate was difficult without bulky, hard-to-use medical equipment. BP Doctor MED provides a high-tech solution. Featuring a patented double inflatable cuff design, it delivers constant medical-grade (error ≤ 5mmHg) accuracy for oscillometric blood pressure measurement. BP Doctor MED provides instant blood pressure feedback anytime along with important insights about blood pressure fluctuations, 24/7. Stylishly designed and similar in size to an Apple watch, BP Doctor MED is the perfect everyday accessory with powerful health tracking features. However, to be truly innovative, it should do more…

Patented Dual Cuff Design

Instant Feedback On-the-wrist

“As a team focused on personal health devices, we know very well the advantage of tracking health indicators such as blood pressure over time. We also knew that our product should be comfortable, stylish, and intuitive so that people would want to wear it every day, but the most important factor for any medical device is accuracy and effectiveness. We concentrated our efforts into research, development, and rigorous testing to attain medical-grade accuracy (± 5mmHg) so that users could have information that is reliable, actionable, and useful. BP Doctor MED gives users the critical information needed to make healthier choices every day. ” CEO, YHE Techs

Comfortable for Whole-day Wear

As part of a comprehensive health overview, BP Doctor MED also performs sleep analysis and daily activity tracking with different fitness modes, in addition to tracking blood pressure, calories burned, and step count. This key health data provides insights into overall health. BP Doctor MED syncs all data in-app and generates insight charts with health indicators that can be shared with family members in real-time. What’s more, the device also has the essential features of a smartwatch, including push notifications, a wake-up vibrating alarm, and schedule reminders.

Remote Share for Family Health Management

BP Doctor MED – A Medical-Grade Blood Pressure smartwatch, encourages healthy lifestyle choices and helps people better understand their daily health status. This innovative new smartwatch is available soon with special pricing and incentives for early adopters.

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