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    EGO EXINNO 240W & 120W : The King of Chargers


    The world runs on charged mobile devices. From laptops and tablets to smartphones and smartwatches, everything we use needs to be charged.  Ego Innovation Ltd of Hong Kong has finally created a charger that’s up to the tasks of our lives: the Ego EXINNO 240W/120W charger. With six charging ports and seven charging protocols, this […] More

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    PLAY YOUR FAVORITE SONGS IN FULL • RECORD YOUR PERFORMANCES AND TRACK YOUR PROGRESS • INTERACT WITH YOUR FAVORITE AUDIO APPS •  Roadie Coach attaches to your instrument and makes it smarter.  This device, combined with the app, is an innovative solution that helps aspiring musicians learn acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and singing at almost […] More

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    The RE:GEN Home Workout Bike – She’s Electric

    the RE:GEN: an indoor fitness bike that captures and converts human power into clean electricity able to charge electronic devices. Energym’s announcement comes ahead of the RE:GEN’s May 2021 launch on the IndiGoGo crowdfunding platform.     Energym’s engineering and product design team has spent 2-years developing the technology alongside some of the country’s top […] More

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    First-Of-Its-Kind, Multi-Functional Water Fountain Naturally Improves The Well-Being Of Modern City Dwellers Trephei Ventures Pty Ltd, a creative new startup company, today announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for HaloFalls—a unique and multifaceted home decor and lifestyle item that features a calming water fountain, ambient room lamp, and high-tech Bluetooth speaker system, all-in-one. Designed […] More