CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions Division Bridges the Gap between Traditional Institutional Investors and the Digital Assets Sector

CoinShares, a leading European alternative asset manager specializing in digital assets, has announced the launch of its CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions division. The division aims to bridge the gap between traditional institutional investors and the dynamic world of digital assets. For the first time, CoinShares will be offering its investment products to qualified U.S. investors through a range of private investment options.

The division will be led by Lewis Fellas, an industry veteran with 23 years of experience, including 7 years in digital assets. Fellas’ expertise in trading and quantitative analysis will complement CoinShares’ proficiency in these areas, enabling the development of premium products tailored to institutional investors.

CoinShares, founded by Daniel Masters, Russell Newton, and Jean-Marie Mognetti, has a proven track record in the digital asset space. In fact, the company established the first listed and regulated Bitcoin active fund in 2014, delivering impressive growth of over 800% net of fees. Since then, CoinShares has become Europe’s leading alternative asset manager specializing in digital assets.

The company’s team of professionals excels in asset allocation, investment, risk management, market analysis, legal, compliance, and accounting for digital assets. Over the past 9 years, CoinShares has developed a proprietary in-house trading technology platform tailored to its capital markets activities.

With the launch of the CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions division, the company is extending the benefits of its advanced, crypto-native platform to external allocators, providing access to cutting-edge tools and resources in the digital asset space.

The division will offer two main funds: the Bitcoin Integrated Strategies (BIS) fund and the Ethereum Integrated Strategies (EIS) fund. The BIS fund deploys multiple strategies, such as call overwrite, quantitative analysis, and arbitrage, to generate alpha above the performance of Bitcoin. Strategy deployment is dynamic and based on systematic analysis of prevailing market conditions.

Similarly, the EIS fund utilizes the same strategies as the BIS fund but is optimized for Ethereum. Strategy allocation is dynamic and systematic, with an ensemble approach to delivering fund-level returns. In addition to the existing strategies, the EIS fund includes a Staking strategy, which diverts a portion of the fund towards Staking in order to obtain robust rates, particularly during market stagnation with low volatility and bearish trends.

With the launch of the CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions division, CoinShares aims to provide institutional investors with accessible and tailor-made investment options in the digital asset space. As the company continues to shape the future of investing, its expertise and innovative approach position it as a leader in the industry.

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