Concordium Blockchain Platform, Aqualibre Partner to Tackle Carbon Market Opacity

Concordium, the blockchain platform focused on creating a safer digital world, has announced a partnership with Aqualibre, a carbon offset project that provides high-quality carbon offsets for businesses. This collaboration aims to address the lack of transparency in the carbon offset market by integrating Concordium’s Agora Impact Marketplace tooling, which enables accurate reporting and verification of carbon offset activities.

According to Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium, as carbon offsets become essential for businesses, it is important for them to prove the legitimacy of their efforts. The partnership with Aqualibre and the adoption of Concordium’s technology offer a compact and accessible carbon offset verification tool. The Agora Impact Marketplace provides transparency, efficiency, and impact by placing carbon offsets on-chain and generating NFT-based certificates. These certificates allow businesses and individuals to easily purchase and interact with high-quality carbon offsets, reducing their environmental impact.

Anthony Hooley, Founder of Aqualibre Project, believes that Concordium’s science-backed blockchain brings a new level of verifiability to Aqualibre’s credit standardization. Through the Agora Impact Marketplace, metadata is uploaded to mint NFTs for high-quality carbon credits, facilitating seamless trading. Aqualibre focuses on supporting green technologies and projects in the voluntary carbon market, and this partnership enhances the credibility and applicability of vital carbon offset programs.

Concordium’s Agora Impact Marketplace offers functionalities for retiring, retracting, and redeeming NFTs, ensuring integrity and accountability. Aqualibre will utilize this technology to deliver different types of carbon standards for businesses and individuals to use. Currently, Aqualibre aligns with projects that adhere to Article 6 carbon measurement compliance standards.

Aqualibre claims to be a leading carbon offset project in digital transformation and the development of new carbon methodologies. With 30 years of experience in developing climate change-based projects, they focus on building trust with clients and delivering high-quality carbon credits with layers of audit to ensure integrity. Aqualibre also prioritizes delivering ESG-centric solutions to projects, promoting transparency and trust in building a better sustainable future.

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