Coral UV

The 2021 Red Dot Awarded Design ensures safe, user-friendly UV-C sanitation

Coral UV, the leader in at-home UV-C sanitation solutions, is
proud to launch the Coral UV LED Sanitizer and Dryer. Representing the next generation
of the brand’s original 3-in-1 UV-C sanitizer, the Coral UV LED Sanitizer and Dryer builds
upon best-in-class safety features to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the
surface of any appropriately sized item.
For the next generation of Coral UV’s Sanitizer and Dryer, designers went back to the
drawing board to provide customers with expanded user experience, modern aesthetic,
and increased safety features. For instance, mercury bulbs have been replaced within
the sanitizing chamber with six, energy efficient LED lights. This eliminates the possibility
of users becoming accidentally exposed to mercury and helps keep mercury out of the
environment. “Coral UV 2 represents how we provide for consumer requests without
sacrificing quality,” mentioned Titus Tse, Co-founder of Coral UV. Tse continues, “Our
change to LED ensures this product is completely mercury free and odor free, two of the
core requests our customers have made in the past.” In addition, Coral UV has kept its
commitment to rigorous, third-party verification. The Coral UV LED Sanitizer and Dryer
has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of
household products.
In acknowledgement of its enhanced design, the Coral UV LED Sanitizer and Dryer was
recently bestowed a 2021 Red Dot Award in Design–an internationally recognized award
that honors the very best in product design. “We are humbled and excited to win such a
prestigious award.This makes us proud that our core values of quality without
compromise are being recognized,” commented Tse.

The Coral UV LED Sanitizer and Dryer will be available for presale on Kickstarter

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