Corpay Cross-Border Introduces Payments GPS for Real-Time Payment Tracking

Corpay, a brand of FLEETCOR, a global leader in business payments, has launched Payments GPS, a proprietary tracking technology that allows clients and partners to monitor payments in real time. By leveraging various technologies, including SWIFT GPI, Payments GPS provides a comprehensive infrastructure for continuous payment monitoring. With an intuitive user experience, API Suite, and push notifications, payment tracking has never been more convenient.

Corinne MacMillan, Chief Product Officer of Corpay’s Cross-Border Solutions, stated that there has been a high demand for transparency in cross-border payments. The vision for Payments GPS is to provide clients and partners with a single interface to track all payments across Corpay’s networks. The company plans to continue improving its infrastructure and data-sharing to maintain leading-edge transparency.

Previously, understanding payment status required manual inquiries that could take days. Payments GPS eliminates these touchpoints by providing full details on payment status, associated fees, and necessary documents on a centralized platform. Each payment is assigned a Tracker ID to easily monitor and track its progress.

Key benefits of Payments GPS include transparency, a centralized platform with secure and reliable information, detailed insight into fees and charges, certainty through real-time tracking, and convenience with self-serve options. By providing transparency through a self-serve platform, Corpay expects a reduction in payment investigation cases for its internal operations team.

Mark Frey, President of Corpay’s Cross-Border Solutions, emphasized the importance of transparency in today’s world. Corpay aims to provide clients with the same level of visibility and knowledge about their payments. Payments GPS is the first step in building a comprehensive infrastructure for increased transparency throughout the payment process.

Corpay is a global leader in business payments, offering a suite of online payment solutions including Bill Payment, AP Automation, Cross-Border Payments, Currency Risk Management, and Commercial Card Programs. With Payments GPS, Corpay continues to assist companies of all sizes in tracking, managing, and paying their expenses.

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