CrowdProperty Reports Over £200 Million Returned to Investors

Real estate investment platform CrowdProperty has reached a significant milestone, with over £200 million returned to investors since its launch. The UK-based platform allows individual investors to back real estate-secured loans and has become a popular choice due to its robust returns in the UK property market, which currently stand at up to 10.5%.

One of CrowdProperty’s key strengths is its track record of zero actual losses for loans originated on the platform since 2015. This level of success has further boosted investor confidence, leading to a significant influx of finance applications totaling £13 billion for over 13,000 projects in the last nine years.

In the past week alone, CrowdProperty has paid back £3.3 million in returns to its investors, highlighting the platform’s consistent growth and profitability.

The company’s best-performing month to date has been August 2023, during which it lent £13.7 million for 24 projects with a total Gross Development Value of £96 million. This represents a remarkable 115% increase compared to the same period last year.

CrowdProperty attributes its success to its stringent review process and focus on high-quality projects and developers. Each loan on the platform is secured by a first-charge security, providing an added layer of protection for investors.

CEO Mike Bristow believes that this milestone is a testament to CrowdProperty’s investor proposition and the expertise of their team. He emphasizes the platform’s dedication to transforming property financing and supporting SME property developers.

With 770,000 investments made across 435 development projects, the average CrowdProperty platform investor is diversified across 80 first-charge secured projects. This diversification strategy ensures a balanced portfolio for investors while mitigating risk.

As CrowdProperty continues to expand its offerings and attract more high-quality projects to its platform, it solidifies its position as a trusted provider of investment opportunities in the real estate market.

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