Crypto Payments: Bridge21, Bitso Enable Cross-Border Transactions from US to Latin America

Cross-border payments company bridge21 has announced a partnership with Bitso, a Financial Company powered by Crypto in Latin America, to expand their support for local payments in the region. This collaboration aims to capitalize on the growing cross-border payment market, which was valued at $176.5 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $238.9 billion by 2027.

With the increasing globalization and advancements in blockchain technology, it has become easier to move money between countries in a faster, more accessible, and transparent manner. This has opened up new opportunities for companies of all sizes to develop and grow at an accelerated pace.

Bridge21 has been a Bitso client for the past 7 years, using the platform to provide services to clients sending mass or unique payments from the United States to Mexico. Now, they are extending their relationship to form an alliance that will expand their services to businesses in the countries where Bitso operates.

Bitso has recently experienced substantial growth in its services to companies, particularly through its Bitso Business division. The firm has launched an International Payments services platform and currently serves over 1,500 institutional clients.

Eduardo Cruz, Head of Partnerships at Bitso Business, expressed pride in the evolution of their partnership with bridge21. He believes that crypto technology and blockchain have the potential to solve concrete problems for companies, facilitating real-time payments between countries. This collaboration is a testament to the infrastructure they are building for the future of money.

Bridge21’s payments technology is designed to help businesses make cross-border payments to Latin America. By utilizing digital assets for currency exchange, they enable fast, efficient, and local payouts. This partnership with Bitso will further enhance their capabilities and enable them to better serve their clients in the region.

Overall, the collaboration between bridge21 and Bitso represents a significant step towards revolutionizing cross-border payments in Latin America. By leveraging blockchain technology and crypto solutions, they are providing businesses with seamless and efficient payment options, paving the way for increased economic growth and development in the region.

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