Custodia Bank Appoints Lisa Hough to Support Institutional Banking and Bitcoin Custody Services

Custodia Bank, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Hough as Vice President of Strategic Relationships. In her new role, Hough will be responsible for assisting customers in the U.S. Bitcoin and energy industries to meet their banking and bitcoin custody needs.

Hough’s transition to the Bitcoin sector in 2019 came after a successful career in energy trading, where she provided counsel to various energy companies, public utilities, investment funds, and investment banks over a span of ten years.

Hough has become a strong advocate for the Bitcoin ecosystem in the United States. She highlights the interruptible power demand characteristic of Bitcoin, which makes it a crucial component of risk management for energy companies, particularly within the State of Texas.

As an interruptible form of data processing, Bitcoin offers energy companies a new way to monetize every energy molecule. Hough firmly believes that energy companies will eventually integrate Bitcoin mining into their operations and, therefore, require bitcoin custody banks that are seamlessly integrated with their banking and capital markets providers.

Custodia’s CEO, Caitlin Long, expressed delight in welcoming Lisa to the team. Long stated that Lisa’s experience and expertise in the energy and Bitcoin sectors will play a vital role in accelerating Custodia’s efforts in digital asset-friendly banking and bitcoin custody. Long considers Lisa’s strategic insights and industry knowledge to be invaluable as the company expands its presence in this highly specialized space.

Customers in the U.S. energy and Bitcoin industries who wish to reach Lisa can contact her via email at [email protected]

Custodia Bank, Inc. is a Wyoming bank that serves as a compliant bridge to the U.S. dollar payments system and as a custodian of digital assets that meet the highest institutional custody standards. The bank is committed to fully complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Bank Secrecy Act and federal “know your customer,” anti-money laundering, and related laws and regulations.

Furthermore, Custodia will adhere to Wyoming’s special purpose depository institution and digital asset laws, which require that fiat deposits be 100% reserved and ensure the strictest investor protections in the digital asset industry.

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