Dacxi Chain Aims to Streamline Global Equity Crowdfunding, Launches Online Securities Offering.

Dacxi Chain, a blockchain-focused company, believes it can revolutionize global investment crowdfunding by streamlining the entire process. In a recent blog post, the company asserted that its first-mover advantage, akin to big tech firms like Facebook and Microsoft, will be instrumental in its success. Dacxi Chain also drew a parallel to Apple, emphasizing the company’s ability to excel by improving upon existing models, rather than being the first to enter the market.

Despite its confidence, Dacxi Chain recognizes the challenges it will face when competing against well-established crowdfunding platforms. Nevertheless, the company touts a “paradigm shift” in the form of its Daczi Chain, which it claims provides numerous advantages such as scalability, network effects, operational efficiency, and exponential growth potential. According to Dacxi Chain, its business model strategically positions the company as a frontrunner in a rapidly expanding market that is projected to reach half a trillion dollars.

To drive growth and leverage network effects, Dacxi Chain has developed tools that aim to connect global crowdfunding platforms into a unified global network. In 2021, Ian Lowe, CEO of Dacxi, shared his vision for the future of crowdfunding, hinting at the company’s ambitions to transform the industry.

Most recently, Dacxi Chain announced a partnership with Angels Den Funding, a UK-based angel investing platform. Angels Den Funding specializes in serving high-net-worth individuals who typically invest a minimum of £25,000, with some investors committing over £100,000. This collaboration marks Dacxi Chain’s intent to raise funds and showcase itself as more than just a platform.

In its pursuit to disrupt the $150 billion crowdfunding industry, Dacxi Chain is currently raising at least $500,000. The company plans to list its securities offering on Equitise in Australia/New Zealand, followed by a listing on Angels Den Funding. With its strategic approach and innovative solutions, Dacxi Chain aims to reshape the future of crowdfunding on a global scale.

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