Deel Fintech Introduces Updates for Remote Working: Off-Cycle Payments, Bulk Terminations, Employee Entity Transfers

Fintech company Deel has announced updates to its Global Payroll platform, focusing on off-cycle payments, bulk terminations, and employee entity transfers. The goal is to provide a seamless experience for businesses to manage and pay their international workforce on a single platform.

Off-cycle payments are necessary for times when employees need to be paid outside of the regular payroll schedule, such as for corrections or special circumstances. Previously, customers had to contact customer support to process off-cycle payments. However, with the latest update, users can make all off-cycle payments directly on the dashboard without any additional steps.

The new bulk terminations tool is designed to simplify the process of terminating multiple employees. Implementing these changes manually on the Global Payroll platform can be time-consuming and risk compliance issues. Deel’s bulk termination tool streamlines the off-boarding process by collecting key information at once and ensuring compliance across different entities or countries.

Relocating employees to different countries can involve a lot of paperwork and information transfer. Deel’s latest update for employee entity transfers aims to make this process hassle-free. It automates the manual work by allowing swift transfers of direct employees from one entity to another, carrying over compliance documents, personal information, contracts, and more. These transfers are reflected immediately, ensuring that important payroll updates are captured and incorporated for the next pay cycle.

Deel claims to have the best Global Payroll solution on the market, highlighting its in-house expertise and the fact that it does not work with third parties like its competitors. With Deel, businesses can tap into global coverage, manage their entire international workforce from a single hub, and handle HR, taxes, benefits, and more. The updates to Deel’s Global Payroll aim to provide businesses with a comprehensive and streamlined solution for managing their international workforce.

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