DeFi Adoption: Oku, the Crypto Trading Terminal Powered by Uniswap v3, Integrates with zkSync Era, an L2 Ethereum Scaling Solution

GFX Labs, the creators of Oku, the popular DeFi trading terminal powered by Uniswap v3, are excited to announce their integration with zkSync Era, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. This collaboration aims to bring efficient decentralized exchange (DEX) trading to zkSync, along with the advanced charts and analytics that Oku has to offer.

GFX Labs recognized the need to improve the trading interface of existing DEX protocols. To tackle this challenge and establish Oku, they were awarded a $1.6 million grant by the Uniswap Foundation. The platform not only addresses the demands of pro-retail traders but also provides advanced features usually found in traditional exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. These include order books, price charts, depth charts, trading history, and user order history, among others.

The integration with zkSync Era combines Oku’s robust trading features, such as advanced analytics, limit orders, and LP position maker, with Era’s high-speed and low-cost transaction capabilities. This integration provides an alternative to both centralized and existing decentralized platforms.

The advanced analytics offered by Oku provide detailed pool, position, and token information, enabling traders to make more informed decisions. Additionally, traders can place limit orders, allowing them to bid and offer at specific prices without needing to be actively present for their fulfillment. With zkSync offering over 2000 transactions per second and gas fees up to 1/100 of Layer 1 costs, users can experience high-speed and cost-effective transactions.

To integrate Uniswap v3 with zkSync, the Matter Labs team made some changes to the contracts due to the slightly different virtual machine used by zkSync compared to Ethereum.

Getty Hill, Co-Founder at Oku Trade, expressed his excitement about being at the forefront of Uniswap v3’s expansion into new blockchains and the integration with zkSync Era. He mentioned that a significant amount of effort has been put into this deployment and they are eager to welcome zkSync users to the Oku family. Traders can expect a seamless experience with advanced analytics, easy trades, and limit orders when using Oku.

Marco Cora, senior vice president of Business and Operations at Matter Labs, the development team behind zkSync Era, also shared his enthusiasm. He highlighted the milestone of integrating with Oku and stated that this collaboration will provide users with an enhanced trading experience.

Overall, this integration between Oku and zkSync Era is set to revolutionize DEX trading by offering advanced features, high-speed transactions, and low gas fees, catering to the needs of both retail and professional traders.

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