Diego Lizarazo from Agoric: Blockchain Professional Discusses How a JavaScript Library Supports Web3 Developers Entering the DLT and Smart Contracts Ecosystem

Agoric, a leading public blockchain and smart contract platform, has launched a components library aimed at allowing developers to build decentralized applications more efficiently. The library, developed using Hardened Javascript, provides resources, code samples, and tutorials for developers, making it easier for them to transition from web2 to web3 development. Agoric’s CEO, Dean Tribble, highlighted the importance of equipping developers with plug-and-play resources that enable them to start building powerful applications in the interchain ecosystem. The components library offers various elements, such as lending protocols, cross-chain interaction smart contracts, and on-chain governance committees, which developers can choose from to suit their specific needs. Agoric’s platform features, including ERTP for handling different types of tokens and a built-in escrow service, further enhance developers’ capabilities. Agoric aims to foster innovation and collaboration among web3 developers while providing comprehensive technical support and utilizing code bounties to engage the developer community. Developers interested in learning more can access the components library and join Agoric’s community Discord.

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