Digital Asset Firm HTX Partners Teams up with Blockchain Security Provider CertiK

HTX, formerly known as Huobi, a prominent virtual assets exchange, has announced a partnership with CertiK, a leading provider of blockchain security solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance HTX’s existing security infrastructure by integrating CertiK’s specialized expertise in asset and data protection. Both companies will work closely together to address specific security concerns and improve the overall security landscape.

As part of this partnership, HTX has officially recognized CertiK as one of its preferred security vendors and has integrated CertiK’s Skynet Security Score into its trading platform. This integration allows for a comprehensive assessment of the security status of both HTX and the various projects listed on its platform. By utilizing CertiK’s advanced Web3 security analysis platform, Skynet, HTX users can now evaluate the security robustness of different projects through the Skynet leaderboard. This provides users with an additional layer of reassurance and transparency before engaging in any trading activities.

In addition to the technical collaborations, the partnership between HTX and CertiK will also include joint marketing programs targeting the user base of both companies. CertiK will offer specialized smart contract auditing services that meet the security requirements of HTX’s community.

The integration of CertiK’s tools and extensive experience in Web3 and blockchain security highlights HTX’s commitment to user asset security and data protection. This partnership serves as a further testament to HTX’s dedication to building user trust and satisfaction.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between HTX and CertiK sets the stage for an extended collaborative effort focused on a variety of security initiatives. HTX plans to strengthen its security infrastructure through collaborations with other renowned security institutions like CertiK. By doing so, HTX aims to provide its users with a safe and secure trading environment while ensuring the protection of their assets and data.

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