Digital Assets: Helix Institutional Launches to Provide On-Chain Derivatives Trading

Helix, the decentralized orderbook exchange built on Injective, has announced the launch of Helix Institutional. This initiative allows for the trading of DeFi derivatives products in a permissioned, KYC-enabled environment. The goal is to provide prominent institutions with access to the benefits of a decentralized exchange while complying with regulatory frameworks.

Within Helix Institutional, only whitelisted addresses that have passed KYC guidelines can interact and trade with each other. The exchange currently offers popular markets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, and Injective perpetuals. In addition, institutions will also have access to on-chain indices, real-world asset (RWA) markets, and FX markets that are not commonly available in on-chain trading environments.

Helix utilizes Injective, an L1 built specifically for finance, to operate its DEX. It offers benefits to dApps, such as frontrunning resistance through its innovative Frequent Batch Auction (FBA) model, which eliminates the possibility for MEV. All components of the trade, from order matching to execution, occur on-chain, ensuring transparency and fairness.

The launch of Helix Institutional comes at a time when demand for permissioned and compliant DeFi applications is increasing. More institutions are turning to DeFi to maintain custody over their assets while retaining on-chain transparency, following the collapse of centralized finance exchanges and lenders. Helix Institutional aims to provide a familiar environment for larger financial entities to adapt and seize opportunities in DeFi while meeting regulatory requirements.

Helix Institutional offers advanced order types, leverage, and access to cross-chain assets, providing institutions with a wide array of offerings. It is set to launch with prominent traditional finance and Web3 partners, including Pyth, IMC Trading, Anti Capital, and Wormhole. These collaborations will provide institutions with on-chain liquidity and exposure to innovative financial products.

According to Chris Choi, Product Lead at Helix, true on-chain trading will reshape the world of traditional finance. Helix Institutional will enable sophisticated parties to enter DeFi in a permissioned manner, leading to increased on-chain capital inflows and usage.

The launch of Helix Institutional marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized trading. Helix aims to democratize finance and redefine the boundaries of institutional trading. As blockchain technology and DeFi solutions continue to grow in adoption, Helix Institutional is well-positioned to facilitate a seamless transition for institutions into this dynamic ecosystem.

Helix claims to be the premier fully-decentralized orderbook exchange for trading crypto-assets. It offers an easy-to-use interface for both novice and experienced traders, bringing DeFi trading to the masses. The exchange prioritizes security, low fees, fast speeds, and unmatched rebates to create a vibrant trading environment.

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