Digital Bank Revolut is recruiting for roles to support the development of mortgages.

Revolut, the digital banking provider with 30 million global clients, is expanding its team in preparation for the development of European mortgage products. The company is looking to recruit professionals worldwide to bring its app to the home financing sector. Job openings listed on the Revolut Careers page include Mortgage Product Managers, Mortgage Credit Managers, Business Compliance Managers, Software Engineers, and Technical Product Managers. The aim is to build a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to enhancing the mortgage product offering within the super app. The expansion will ensure that Revolut has the necessary expertise to meet the needs of its client base. The team will focus on creating seamless and accessible mortgage products.

Revolut Business, a division of the company, has also introduced a new service called RevTags. This feature aims to address the challenges of cross-border transfers and is available to both retail and business clients. RevTags allows businesses to make instant international payments without the need for recipient details or IBANs. By simply entering the RevTag of a business in the Revolut Business app, the payment process becomes more streamlined. This cost-effective solution enhances global payments for businesses and provides a valuable service to Revolut clients.

Joe Heneghan, Partner & CEO of Revolut Europe, stated: “We’re focused on enhancing our offering to provide our customers with frictionless, accessible products and services. As a next step in our journey, we’re exploring the option of adding mortgages to our global financial super app, joining our suite of credit products available within the EEA, including Loans, Credit Cards, and Pay Later. We’re looking for talented people to join our team of more than 6,000 employees around the world.”

Revolut’s expansion into the mortgage market and the introduction of RevTags demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving its services and providing innovative solutions to its growing customer base.

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