Digital Banking: Finli, the Back Office Platform for SMBs, Announces Integration with Q2’s Virtual Bank Platform

Finli, a digital back office platform catering to small businesses, has announced its integration with Q2’s Digital Banking Platform. This collaboration, facilitated through the Q2 Partner Accelerator Program, enables financial institutions to easily provide their business clients with the necessary digital tools for success.

Q2 Holdings, Inc., a provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, offers the Q2 Partner Accelerator Program as part of its Innovation Studio. This program allows in-demand financial services companies utilizing the Q2 SDK to pre-integrate their technology with the Q2 Digital Banking Platform. By doing so, financial institutions can quickly work with these partners, purchase their solutions, and seamlessly deploy standardized integrations to their customers.

The integration with Q2’s Digital Banking Platform is becoming increasingly essential, as small business owners expect more than just basic account services from their financial institutions. With Finli’s solution accessible within this platform, banks and credit unions can offer their business banking clients a wide range of features, including invoicing, inventory management, digital payment collection, CRM, communications, and quote management. This integration allows community-based financial institutions to remain competitive in the dynamic financial services sector.

According to Johnny Ola, managing director of the Q2 Innovation Studio, the addition of Finli to the Q2 Partner Accelerator Program is an exciting development. Financial institutions now have the opportunity to provide their business banking customers with Finli’s digital back office platform.

Lori Shao, founder and CEO of Finli, emphasizes the company’s commitment to supporting small businesses and local communities. Finli’s all-in-one platform caters specifically to service-based small businesses in the United States, offering a comprehensive toolbox that allows them to manage invoices, payments, inventory, quotes, and customer communication all in one place.

By integrating with Q2’s Digital Banking Platform, Finli is well-positioned to empower financial institutions in meeting the evolving needs of their small business clients. As the industry continues to face innovation and competition from neobanks, offering comprehensive digital solutions is becoming increasingly crucial for financial institutions to remain competitive and relevant.

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