Digital Banking: Nubank’s “Caixinhas” Reaches 8.6M Clients in H1 2023

Nubank’s investment solution, “Caixinhas,” has become a favorite among customers just one year after its launch. As of August, the tool had reached 8.6 million active customers, more than double the number recorded in January. It has also achieved R$ 14.6 billion in assets under custody.

“Caixinhas” was created based on customer requests for an organized, personalized, and autonomous investment solution. In addition to its original function, the tool now offers the option to schedule recurring deposits. It is also available for customers in Mexico and account users under 18 in Brazil.

The most popular investment themes on “Caixinhas” revolve around achieving dreams, such as travel, home renovation, and career investment.

As part of its evolution, Nubank has launched the “Nu Limite Garantido” feature, which allows customers to use their investment assets as collateral for credit. The first version of this feature automatically converts the amount in a “Caixinha” into an increase in the credit card limit. Around 15% of all created “Caixinhas” correspond to “Nu Limite Garantido” after approximately four months.

Guilherme Espallargas, the leader of Nubank’s investment area, expressed the company’s commitment to offer credit and investments safely and responsibly. The growth in “Caixinhas” usage throughout 2023 showcases how investors are driven by concrete objectives, motivating Nubank to continue developing the product and offer more possibilities for customers to achieve their investment goals.

Within the “Caixinhas” experience, customers can set financial goals linked to their desired objectives or dreams. There is a simulator that allows users to assess the time it will take to achieve a desired amount, and they can track their progress through a progress bar. Additionally, customers have the option to customize their “Caixinhas” with names and photos, linking saving money to personal plans.

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