Digital Debt Marketplace Debitum Shares Latest Platform Updates

Debitum, a platform that provides access to corporate loans from Europe, has continued its long-term development plan throughout August 2023. The company recently announced a change in ownership, with more details expected to be revealed soon.

In a recent update, Debitum announced the restructuring of Ukrainian asset management and the introduction of new investment assets. These assets include loans from the forestry and agriculture industry provided by Sandbox Funding, as well as loans from Flexidea Polska and Triple Dragon.

One of the notable introductions is the launch of Triple Dragon as a loan originator with an “A+ score”. This offer is still active and has attracted increased interest from investors, resulting in the growth of Debitum’s investment portfolio.

Debitum has developed an innovative technological platform that automates the entire investment process. Through this platform, the company screens non-bank loan originators, selects those who would benefit from additional funding, conducts thorough due diligence, and onboards a select few that meet all criteria.

In another exciting development, Debitum-affiliated loan originator Sandbox Funding has issued its first one million euros in loans. These loans have been provided to Latvian companies in industries such as forestry and agriculture, energy, and eco-house construction. More than 600,000 euros of the one million have been covered by the funds of Debitum investors.

Henrijs Jansons, CEO of Debitum, expressed his satisfaction with Sandbox Funding’s performance, stating that investors have shown a preference for not only established loan originators like Triple Dragon, Evergreen Capital, and Flexidea, but also newcomer Sandbox Funding. The loans issued by Sandbox Funding have had timely interest payments, and the company plans to maintain this performance in the future. The latest financing has been granted to the eco-house construction company “Bono House,” with the first “Bono House” ABS set to be available for investments in the upcoming days.

Sandbox Funding is a Latvian non-bank financing company that provides business loans to small and medium-sized enterprises registered in the EU and EEA.

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