Digital Investment Platform Betterment Introduces New Bitcoin and Ethereum Portfolio

Betterment, the leading independent digital investment advisor in the U.S., has unveiled its latest offering, the Bitcoin/Ethereum Portfolio. This new portfolio is part of Betterment’s Crypto Investing suite and provides investors with direct access to the two largest cryptocurrencies in the market.

The launch of the Bitcoin/Ethereum Portfolio comes as part of Betterment’s efforts to cater to investors who are interested in including crypto in their long-term investment strategies. By offering direct exposure to these prominent and highly liquid tokens, Betterment aims to give its clients the opportunity to gain diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to the Bitcoin/Ethereum Portfolio, Betterment’s Crypto Investing lineup includes two other options. The Universe portfolio offers broad exposure across the crypto landscape, encompassing decentralized finance and the metaverse, among other areas. The Sustainable portfolio, on the other hand, focuses on cryptocurrencies that transact sustainably or operate on networks with a path to sustainability.

According to Mike Reust, President of Betterment, the addition of the BTC/ETH Portfolio is a significant step in Betterment’s commitment to providing automated solutions for customers seeking exposure to the crypto asset class. Reust emphasizes the importance of crypto as an evolving part of the investment landscape and believes that offering diversified exposure to crypto is crucial for investors.

Betterment’s crypto team goes beyond just offering investment products. They also provide retail investors and financial advisors with a wealth of educational resources on the asset class, including a dedicated resource center and expert commentary. Moreover, Betterment offers customer service support to help investors make informed decisions about how to safely and intelligently invest in crypto.

Betterment LLC, founded in 2010, prides itself on being the largest independent online financial advisor. With its user-friendly saving, investing, and retirement solutions, Betterment aims to optimize people’s money regardless of their level of experience or the market conditions. Currently, Betterment helps over 800,000 customers manage more than $40 billion through its high-yield cash account, curated investing portfolios, personalized guidance, and tax-smart tools.

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