Digital Wallets: Opera Launches MiniPay, the “Lightest” Payments Wallet, to Onboard Mobile Users to Web3

Opera, the web innovator with over 319 million users worldwide, has unveiled Minipay, a new web3 payments wallet built on Celo. The wallet offers instant financial transactions and is integrated with the Opera Mini browser for Android users, making it easier and more affordable for individuals to send and receive funds.

Minipay leverages Celo’s core infrastructure benefits and features, including sub-cent gas fees and the ability to pay for gas using ERC-20 tokens. It also offers settlement in seconds due to 5-second block times and seamless access to Celo’s ecosystem of over 1,000 dApps.

The wallet is compatible with Celo’s mobile-first solutions, including SocialConnect and FiatConnect. SocialConnect is a privacy-first naming service protocol that maps wallets to mobile phone numbers, while FiatConnect is an open on-/off-ramp API standard. With the help of Celo’s FiatConnect partners, such as Fonbnk and Bitmama, Minipay integrates cUSD, which tracks the value of the US Dollar, as an on-ramp solution.

Minipay is designed to be easy to use, enabling users of all experience levels to transfer digital assets with speed and efficiency. It abstracts the “Connect Wallet” button that is native to many crypto interfaces, providing an intuitive user journey.

The development of Minipay is a collaboration between Opera and the Celo Foundation, which aims to bring affordable and accessible DeFi to mobile users worldwide. The Celo blockchain, which launched on Earth Day 2020, has a thriving ecosystem of builders, developers, and community members committed to blockchain technology’s positive impact.

The Celo network recently underwent a technical upgrade to migrate from a Layer-1 blockchain to an Ethereum Layer-2. This migration will increase security and scalability while maintaining low gas fees, enabling more real-world use cases for the Ethereum community.

Overall, Minipay represents a step towards the future of on-chain finance, advancing community inclusion in the new digital economy.

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