Embedded Insurance for Circular Economy: Helvetia Ventures Invests in to Scale Devices-as-a-Service Solution

Insurance technology startup has secured funding from Helvetia Venture Fund, the investment arm of Swiss insurer group Helvetia. Other financial backers reportedly include Autonom and The Mavers. With over €6m raised to date, supports Integrated Insurance in Devices-as-a-Service (DaaS) to transform the way companies manage their team’s devices. The funds will drive international expansion, targeting Western Europe while solidifying its leadership in Central and Eastern Europe. The company aims to completely transform device ownership for enterprises by offering DaaS 2.0 with integrated insurance and security. This new approach fundamentally alters the classical DaaS value proposition, providing complete risk transfer for clients. Each device comes with full-cover insurance as standard, including protection against accidental damage, loss, and theft.’s platform also allows for remote device logistics management and repairs, reducing internal device fleet management time. Additionally, DaaS has a positive impact on the environment by extending the lifecycle of devices and reducing e-waste.

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