Ergostone – Hot and Cold Scandinavian Designed Wellness

Ergostone is a sustainable Swedish innovation that uses heat, cold, and weight to make people feel better. As a multi-tool for well-being, Ergostone helps with relaxation and recovery by providing natural comfort and pain relief.

A super smooth and flexible heating and cooling pad of premium quality, that can be shaped any way you want to embrace your body.

Made in Sweden, as a prime example of minimalistic Scandinavian design, with a soft shape inspired by a smooth beach pebble. Its outer skin is made of super-durable yet flexible silicone – to be used often and to last for many years, and super early to clean.

Ergostone gets its exceptional thermal properties from recycled soapstone, leftover material from disused mines, in Northern Swedish. You can simply heat it in a microwave oven or chill it in a freezer, and it will keep its temperature better than hot or cold packs on the market today.

It does not lose its thermal properties over time, unlike products such as wheat heat bags. With its many uses, a single Ergostone can replace a large range of disposable and short life-cycle products.

It’s perfect for sports injuries, stiff joints & muscles, rehabilitation, menstrual pain, as a relaxation weight for stress and anxiety, or just to cool you off on a hot day.

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