Estateguru Partners with Crowd Credit in Japan, Commits to Invest Up to €10 million

European online investment platform EstateGuru has recently announced a partnership with Crowd Credit, a prominent Japanese fintech firm specializing in global crowdfunding investments. As part of the agreement, EstateGuru plans to invest up to €10 million in projects listed on its platform.

EstateGuru, headquartered in Estonia, operates as an online lending platform that allows any investor to participate in secured loans backed by properties. With a solid track record and a focus on real estate investment, EstateGuru boasts an investment portfolio of nearly €300 million and has garnered 160,000 users worldwide, 7,000 of whom joined in 2023 alone.

Crowd Credit, on the other hand, offers investors the opportunity to access diverse global markets and participate in a wide range of global projects. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between the global credit market and Japanese investors. By partnering with EstateGuru, Crowd Credit aims to leverage its strengths to open up new investment opportunities in the European real estate market.

Tomohiro Mochida, a Member of the Board of Crowd Credit Estonia, expressed his excitement about the strategic partnership and the potential it holds. He stated, “We see it as a strategic partnership combining our strengths with Estateguru to unlock new investment horizons in the European real estate market.”

EstateGuru has been actively seeking collaborations with institutional investors to further expand its investment platform. Currently, the platform manages over €30 million of institutional funds. Mihkel Stamm, CEO of EstateGuru, expressed his satisfaction with the joint goals set with Crowd Credit. He also confirmed that Crowd Credit has already made its first investments in Estonia, EstateGuru’s home market.

With EstateGuru’s investment volume reaching €66 million in 2023 alone, the platform is poised for significant growth. By partnering with Crowd Credit, the company aims to strengthen its position in the European real estate market and provide more opportunities for investors around the world.

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