Estateguru Reports €15.0M Successfully Repaid by Borrowers, and €10M in Loans Funded Across All Markets

Estateguru experienced a successful month in August, as borrowers repaid a record-breaking €15.0 million. The platform also saw significant loan funding across all of its European markets, reaching a total of €10.0 million.

The loan statistics for August demonstrate the wide reach of Estateguru’s platform. The total funded loans across all countries amounted to €10.0 million, with the largest amount coming from Estonia at €6.3 million. Latvia contributed €1.0 million, Lithuania €1.6 million, Finland €1.1 million, and Portugal €0.1 million.

The repayment of loans in August was a significant milestone for Estateguru. A total of 148 loans were successfully repaid, totaling €15.0 million. These loans generated a return of 8.9%, showcasing the resilience of the platform’s borrowers even in challenging macroeconomic conditions.

In a recent blog post, Estateguru emphasized the continued efforts in recovering funds. They reported that there have been no substantial increases in defaults, indicating the stability of their loan portfolio. Several larger cases, involving €3 million each, are nearing their final stages of workout. In August alone, Estateguru successfully recovered €1.1 million in principal.

Estateguru has been able to boost their recoveries through the sale of claims, taking advantage of the active market for non-performing loans (NPLs) across all countries. This has contributed to the stability of their loan portfolio and demonstrates their proactive approach to managing risks.

In another update, Estateguru highlighted the complexities of real estate development, including various considerations such as land, construction, permits, and infrastructure. They also discussed their evaluation process for development projects seeking funding through their platform, aiming to provide investors with a better understanding of the requirements and stages involved.

For more information on Estateguru’s evaluation process for development projects seeking funding, please visit their website.

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