European Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports €45.52M of War-Affected Loans Being Repaid to Investors

In the span of 19 months since the start of the war on February 24, 2022, PeerBerry’s business partners, Aventus Group and Gofingo Group, have successfully repaid a total of €45.52 million or 90.64% of the outstanding war-affected obligations owed to PeerBerry investors.

What sets PeerBerry apart from other platforms affected by the war is that it claims to be the first investment platform in the market to fully repay war-affected Russian loans, which amount to €20.27 million in invested principal, without any losses to investors.

Additionally, PeerBerry partners have reportedly repaid the largest amount of Ukrainian war-affected loans compared to their competitors, totaling €25.25 million.

Most recently, Gofingo Group has made repayments of €200,000 in war-affected loans to PeerBerry investors. These repayments occur monthly on the PeerBerry platform, specifically in the middle of each month.

Aventus Group’s war-affected long-term loans are being repaid monthly according to their initial loan schedules. In another notable achievement, Aventus Group managed to fully repay its short-term war-affected obligations, including the accumulated interest, at the beginning of September, six months ahead of the planned schedule.

As for the remaining war-affected obligations on the PeerBerry platform, Aventus Group’s long-term obligations through AutoMoney and Slon Credit Ukraine amount to €1.12 million. These loans are being repaid monthly based on the initial loan schedules, with the accumulated interest being included in the final repayment of the principal amount.

On the other hand, Gofingo Group’s short-term war-affected obligations via Zecredit, EuroGroshi, and Gofingo Ukraine equal €3.98 million. Gofingo Group will continue to cover these obligations in the middle of each month, and the accumulated interest will be repaid along with the last repayment of the war-affected loans.

Barring any significant upheavals, it is realistic to expect that PeerBerry’s business partners will entirely fulfill their war-affected obligations before the end of next year.

For those interested in tracking the progress of repayments for war-affected loans, including the total repaid amount, remaining obligations, and specific repayments by lenders or groups, the ‘Statistics’ page on PeerBerry’s website provides a comprehensive overview.

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