Exabeam, una società di cybersecurity, amplia la partnership con Google Cloud nello sviluppo di modelli di intelligenza artificiale generativa.

Exabeam, a leading global cybersecurity firm, has announced the expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud. The partnership will focus on the development of generative artificial intelligence (AI) models in Exabeam’s New-Scale SIEM product portfolio. As a Google Cloud partner, Exabeam will leverage the collaborative development process on Google Cloud’s generative AI products to enhance its AI-based security offerings.

The CEO of Exabeam, Adam Geller, explained that the decision to build the Exabeam Security Operations Platform on Google Cloud was driven by its hyperscale capabilities and speed, as well as its support for technically advanced security products. He further highlighted that Google Cloud’s innovation in AI perfectly complements Exabeam’s AI capabilities focused on the security market. Geller expressed excitement about the upcoming advancements in New-Scale SIEM, stating that they will revolutionize security operations.

Exabeam has been at the forefront of leveraging machine learning (ML) and AI in the security information and event management (SIEM) sector. The company was an early adopter of AI for threat detection and automated investigations to enhance the accuracy and speed of its security operations. By using ML, Exabeam has successfully reduced the number of alerts and improved security team productivity, addressing the common challenge of alert fatigue faced by security analysts.

With the expanded partnership, Exabeam aims to utilize Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities to improve its security products. By tapping into Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, Exabeam’s AI and ML capabilities will further evolve to simplify threat detection, investigation, and response workflows. The goal is to provide engineers, analysts, threat hunters, managers, and CISOs with a more streamlined and efficient cybersecurity experience.

The integration of generative AI into Exabeam’s New-Scale SIEM products will offer enhanced search and investigation capabilities, providing cybersecurity professionals with context and timelines of notable incidents. Large language models will be utilized to reduce the noise of false positives, while generative AI will facilitate assistant functionality, allowing for natural language queries and providing advanced insights and suggested next steps. These innovative advancements will ultimately make cybersecurity reports more easily understandable for all stakeholders.

The partnership between Exabeam and Google Cloud represents a significant step in advancing AI and ML technologies in the cybersecurity industry. By combining their expertise, these companies are driving the development of cutting-edge security solutions that will enhance threat detection and improve overall cybersecurity posture.

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