Experian Enhances IntoZetta Capabilities to Empower Businesses in Managing Data Quality

Experian, a leading global information services company, has announced its integration of IntoZetta’s data governance capabilities with its flagship data quality platform, Aperture Data Studio. This combination will provide clients with enhanced capabilities to find, track, and manage their data in accordance with business policies and standards.

Data intelligence continues to be a major challenge for many organizations as they seek to optimize the use of their data across various business practices. To address this, organizations are investing in new data management technology to improve the processes of finding, understanding, correcting, and trusting data.

According to recent research conducted by Experian, 97% of businesses plan to make their data management programs more flexible and agile within the next 12 months. The top priority identified by these organizations is improving customer experience, with a focus on using data to drive customer centricity through operational efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.

Poorly managed data poses challenges for organizations of all sizes and sectors. Inaccurate and incomplete data can result from human error or natural data decay, but the negative impact on operational efficiency, customer engagement, and business performance remains consistent.

Trusted data serves as the foundation for stronger customer relationships and risk mitigation. It is also essential for service providers to meet the core outcomes outlined in the FCA’s Consumer Duty, particularly “Customer Understanding.” Additionally, access to high-quality data informs other outcomes such as optimizing “Product Performance,” informing “Price and Value,” and improving the quality of “Customer Support.”

Andrew Abraham, Managing Director of Experian Data Quality, commented on the collaboration: “By combining IntoZetta’s unique capabilities with Aperture Data Studio, we have the opportunity to deliver tailored data quality and data governance solutions that not only help our clients meet their business and industry requirements but also tap into new growth sectors.”

Dan Yarnold, Director and Founder of IntoZetta, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. The integration of IntoZetta’s data governance capabilities with Aperture Data Studio will bring about customized solutions that address the specific needs of clients while opening doors to new opportunities for growth.

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