Fintech HighRadius Introduces FreedaGPT: Generative AI for the Office of the CFO

HighRadius, the leading provider of Autonomous Finance Software, has announced the launch of FreedaGPT, an AI-powered digital assistant for the Office of the CFO. This next generation of Freeda combines proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms with OpenAI models, allowing customers to automate tasks through natural-language prompts without the need for complex coding.

One of the main use cases for FreedaGPT is in helping finance teams save time by automating the process of responding to emails. For instance, collections agents who receive hundreds of emails daily from customers and sales teams would typically spend a significant amount of time generating reports and finding attachments to respond to these emails. FreedaGPT, using Generative AI, understands incoming emails, drafts replies, and appends attachments automatically, making the process much more efficient.

FreedaGPT is seamlessly integrated within HighRadius’ Autonomous Platform, eliminating the need to switch between different applications. This streamlines the workflow for finance teams and increases productivity.

In addition to email automation, FreedaGPT also enables finance teams to generate reports quickly through natural language input. This eliminates the need for complicated ERP screens or involving IT teams for data retrieval. Accountants can use natural language prompts to generate reports, review trends, and compare historical transactions, providing real-time insights to assist CFOs in making informed decisions.

Furthermore, FreedaGPT improves collectors’ efficiency by automating call summaries and action items. During collection calls, FreedaGPT actively processes call information, generates concise summaries, records promise-to-pay (P2P) dates, and drafts reminder emails. This eliminates the risk of missing important details and allows collectors to focus on effective client communication.

Overall, HighRadius’ FreedaGPT revolutionizes the finance industry by leveraging AI to automate and streamline key processes, saving time and improving efficiency for finance teams.

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