Fintech Infinicept and Datacap Partner to Offer Embedded Payments Solution for Software Companies

Infinicept, a leading provider of embedded payments, has announced a partnership with Datacap Systems, Inc., an omnichannel payments provider, to offer coordinated support for vertical software companies on their embedded payments journeys. The collaboration between Infinicept’s embedded payments platform, PayOps and Payfac as a Service Launchpay, and Datacap’s Integrated Payment Solutions will bring significant value to independent software vendors (ISVs) in search of embedded payments processing and gateway solutions.

The partnership aims to serve vertical software customers by giving them the tools to own their data and merchant experience. Both Infinicept and Datacap are vendor-agnostic, and their shared commitment to customer satisfaction makes them like-minded organizations. The goal is to provide software companies with a clear path to growth in their payments strategy.

By working with both Infinicept and Datacap, ISVs will benefit from a cohesive end-to-end payments solution that boosts efficiency and speeds up time to market. The partnership enables ISV partners to have complete control over the merchant experience, offering best-in-class onboarding, customer data management, payments integration, and product support. This empowers software companies to seamlessly monetize payments on their platform.

Infinicept is known for its innovative approach to embedded payments, empowering software companies to enhance customer experiences and drive revenue. Its latest solution, Launchpay, allows customers to effortlessly add payments to their business without upfront costs or development work. Customers retain ownership and control over their programs, managing pricing, marketing, sales, and the merchant experience. Infinicept’s Payment Operations Platform (PayOps) enables companies to enjoy the benefits of embedded payments while maintaining ownership of the payments product.

Datacap specializes in hardware and processor-agnostic payment solutions that cater to any point-of-sale, regardless of the industry vertical or operating system. With their expertise, they offer a flexible and scalable alternative for ISVs looking to monetize payments on their platform.

The partnership between Infinicept and Datacap promises to revolutionize embedded payments for software companies, providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in the modern payment landscape.

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