Fintech Klarna asserts its status as the sole bank among the launch clients of ChatGPT Enterprise

Klarna, the AI-powered payments network and shopping assistant, is making significant strides in AI adoption with the deployment of ChatGPT Enterprise, according to the company. Klarna claims to be one of the early leaders utilizing the power of AI in its operations, specifically with ChatGPT Enterprise, which provides Klarna employees with enhanced security, faster processing speeds, and advanced data analysis capabilities.

The collaboration between Klarna and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, began in November 2022 when Klarna Co-founder and CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski recognized the potential of the technology and reached out to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Siemiatkowski expressed his desire for Klarna to be OpenAI’s “best customer.”

Klarna is now the first fintech company globally and the first European company in any sector to launch the ChatGPT plugin. However, Klarna sees an immense opportunity in getting all of its employees to utilize AI in their everyday work.

According to Siemiatkowski, whenever he comes to work, his focus is solely on how AI can expedite the realization of Klarna’s vision. To facilitate the internal use of AI, Klarna has implemented OpenAI’s API, which offers faster processing speeds, improved availability, and enterprise-level data security compared to the consumer-focused ChatGPT. Currently, 2,500 Klarna employees have access to the API and are using AI in various ways, such as AI-powered shopping recommendations and customer service streamlining.

Siemiatkowski is closely monitoring the number of employees utilizing their OpenAI accounts and noted that only 50% of the 5,000 Klarna employees are currently using AI daily. He believes that finding new ways to encourage more employees to leverage OpenAI’s technology is vital.

The introduction of ChatGPT Enterprise will provide all Klarna employees with access to OpenAI’s capabilities within a familiar and user-friendly interface, while ensuring the protection of company data.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Klarna CEO, stated that the integration of ChatGPT Enterprise will empower employees and enhance both team performance and the customer experience. Klarna is continually seeking innovative solutions to strengthen its employees’ abilities and better serve its 150 million active users worldwide.

In addition to its collaboration with ChatGPT, Klarna has also developed and incorporated its own AI-based tools and features into its platform. The Klarna app now utilizes an AI product recommendation engine, which offers personalized suggestions to help consumers find relevant items to purchase. The app’s feed is updated in real-time with a selection of products and deals, and it becomes increasingly tailored to users’ preferences as it learns more about them.

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