Fintech Square Introduces Software That Transforms Android Devices into Payment Technology in Canada

Square, part of Block (NASDAQ:SQ), has announced the launch of Tap to Pay on Android for sellers across Canada. This new technology allows businesses to accept credit card contactless payments securely using a compatible Android device, at no extra cost.

By introducing Tap to Pay on Android, Square aims to make it easier for both new and established sellers to conduct in-person commerce. This includes the ability for more complex businesses to take payments away from the counter or on the move.

To use this feature, a seller simply needs to open a Square point-of-sale app on a compatible Android device, enter the sale, and present their smartphone to the customer. The buyer will then see the total amount owed, along with the contactless payments symbol, and can choose to complete the payment using a contactless credit card or a credit card within a digital wallet such as Google Pay.

Tap to Pay on Android is powered by Square’s software, which provides businesses with a flexible and mobile solution that aligns with consumers’ growing preference for contactless payments. Additionally, Square’s software offers consumers a smooth and straightforward checkout experience, ensuring they have all the necessary information to complete their purchase confidently.

According to Alexis Sowa, General Manager of Square Point of Sale, this launch brings a unique technology to Canada that will benefit millions of sellers globally. It provides merchants with a simple way to accept payments and access integrated software for their business. Sowa also mentions that the wide range of applications and use cases already seen among sellers reaffirm the longevity and effectiveness of Tap to Pay technology.

New and existing Square sellers in Canada can start using Tap to Pay on Android immediately by downloading the Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Restaurants, or Square Invoices app on compatible Android devices.

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