Fintech Torpago and Revio Collaborate to Empower Community and Regional Banks with Revenue Growth and Enhanced Client Retention

Torpago, a leading provider of modern business credit card and spend management platforms, has announced a strategic partnership with Revio, a customer-insights platform that transforms bank data into actionable insights. The aim of this collaboration is to provide community and regional banks with a revenue-generating corporate credit card program, specifically targeted at their highest-value commercial customers.

Carson Lappetito, President of Sunwest Bank and Chairman of Revio, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that Torpago provides the best corporate credit card solution he has seen throughout his community banking career. He emphasized the importance of offering a customized card solution for small and medium-sized businesses, which contributes to customer satisfaction. Leveraging Revio’s insights platform, Sunwest Bank was able to identify existing customers with the highest corporate card spend and tailor a personal outreach campaign towards them, in addition to their marketing efforts.

Local financial institutions have a unique advantage in serving individuals, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses due to their established presence in the community and their commitment to personalized relationships. However, many of these institutions lack the technological innovations, data capabilities, and product offerings of larger banks.

Brent Jackson, Founder and CEO of Torpago, emphasized that Torpago and Revio share a common goal of helping smaller banks modernize their offerings. He highlighted the opportunity for regional and community banks to grow alongside their customers by providing better options than major credit card providers. This partnership not only benefits community banks but also entrepreneurs and small business owners who require personalized banking relationships and streamlined solutions.

Under the partnership, Revio’s SaaS technology will enable community banks to analyze, prioritize, and engage with the highest-spending businesses utilizing external credit card providers. Torpago’s Powered By program will then offer a fully branded corporate credit card solution to the banking partner, allowing them to compete with external providers and recapture commercial credit spend opportunities.

Matt Beecher, Chief Revenue Officer of Revio, emphasized that growth should be measured in terms of revenue rather than solely focusing on gaining new customers. Through this partnership, Revio and Torpago aim to provide community and regional bankers with key customer insights, a tailored credit card solution, and a more personalized customer experience. This will enable banking partners to increase revenue while deepening existing customer relationships, retention, and satisfaction.

Torpago and Revio’s partnership solution is now available to all community banks and credit unions. Torpago, as a business credit card and spend management platform provider, empowers businesses with smart and simple solutions that offer greater control and visibility of company spending. Their corporate cards and software provide integrated expense management, real-time transaction tracking, self-regulating spending policies, and automatic accounting tools to streamline operations.

Since 2020, Torpago’s credit card and software offerings have been disrupting the traditional business credit card industry by providing real-time expense tracking, smart accounting features, automated spending policies, automated reimbursement, and compatibility with other productivity tools. This partnership further solidifies Torpago’s commitment to revolutionizing the business credit card space and empowering community banks and credit unions to thrive in the digital era.

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