Frankfurt’s Raisin Bank Expands into Custody Business, Partners with Berlin’s Upvest as Investment Infrastructure Provider

Berlin-based fintech Upvest has partnered with European service bank Raisin Bank to provide the latter with its Investment API infrastructure for brokerage, custody, and settlement. This collaboration will allow Raisin Bank to expand its product offerings and create a new business unit for investment services, including custody and digital wealth management. Upvest’s infrastructure will be fully integrated into Raisin Bank’s core system, ensuring secure and efficient processes for the new investment offering. With Upvest’s capabilities, Raisin Bank’s customers will have the ability to adjust investment products and switch instruments quickly, with real-time data access improving the customer experience. The partnership’s first project involves migrating Raisin’s ETF Robo, which represents the majority of its more than €1.5bn ($1.8bn) assets under management in investment products. This collaboration not only allows for more digitally advanced services but also enables customers to conveniently update their data using API. Kim Felix Fomm, CIO and VP Wealth Management of Raisin Bank, praised Upvest as the best solution that meets their needs in terms of product, technology, and team dedication. Meanwhile, Til Rochow, CPO and co-founder of Upvest, expressed excitement about becoming the technological backbone for modern investment products and providing easy access to a wide range of investment opportunities.

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