Fulminea, Kickstarter campaign finances Italian documentary on the Nordschleife challenge

We have already talked many times about Automobili Extrema on our web page. The new personal challenge for the eclectic Italian entrepreneur Gianfranco Pizzuto is to bring an Italian electric supercar onto the road, combining the skills of a network of experts built up over the years of activity.

From this dream, and in a very short time, Fulminea was born, whose home could only be Modena in the heart of the Moto Valley. But now, to demonstrate the validity of its project, the start-up has thought of a challenge outside Italy, precisely at the Nürburgring, where it wanted to attempt the fastest lap record for an electric sports car in the configuration of the Nordschleife circuit. known as the “Green Hell”.

Estrema and Pizzuto plan to document their nine-month project to success from February 2023 to October 2023. They hope the documentary will get a lot of support through a Kickstarts crowdfunding campaign.

Supporting the cause with a free contribution is included in the campaign. Additional incentives include access to monthly episodes on Vimeo, which also includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. As an incentive for at least 189 euros, subscribers can receive a copy of the Fulminea book that shows the process of creating a brand, logo and more. This high-quality publication was written by Pizzuto and personally signed by him.

To get the Fulminea Plus 1:18 model and all the previous benefits, you need to pay at least 449 euros. This is way more than any other perk in the set. Plus, for 999 euros, you can enjoy a day of real experiences with the team. Included in this is a book about the day, a lunch and three rides in the Fulminea passenger seat with a professional chauffeur. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase the 1:18 scale model of the Fulminea car.

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