Google Cloud selects DealMaker to join Startups Program

DealMaker, a leading fintech company, has been selected by Google Cloud to join its Google for Startups Program. As part of this partnership, Google Cloud has awarded DealMaker $100,000 in credits to accelerate its AI innovation in the fintech sector.

DealMaker has achieved significant success in the market, having processed over $1.87 billion in transactions and more than 1,000,000 investments, surpassing any counterpart or competitor in North America. Its cutting-edge technology has powered eight out of the ten largest online capital raises globally in the past 14 months.

Inspired by the JOBS Act, DealMaker aims to disrupt the traditional capital raising process by providing a seamless digital platform that supports all raise types and jurisdictions. With a focus on leveraging AI to optimize the investor experience, DealMaker aims to make the process of buying shares as easy as buying shoes.

Google Cloud’s support will enable DealMaker to enhance its AI capabilities and make online capital raising faster, easier, and more accessible to those seeking alternative funding options. Rebecca Kacaba, CEO & Co-Founder of DealMaker, expressed her gratitude for Google Cloud’s support in building the most sophisticated capital markets tool on the planet.

DealMaker’s CTO, Geronimo DeAbreu, highlighted the pivotal role that the Google for Startups Program will play in optimizing their operations and implementing AI throughout their capital raising flow.

Joining the Google for Startups Cloud Program marks a significant milestone for DealMaker, and the company’s focus is now on refining its platform and expanding its service offerings to make online capital raising mainstream. DealMaker aims to create the most advanced capital markets tools, empowering capital to flow faster.

DealMaker offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including primary issuance, shareholder management, and capital raising tools, such as equity crowdfunding, investor ranking algorithms, and data analytics. Its technology enables organizations to own and control exempt market raises, facilitating faster access to the necessary funds.

DealMaker is dedicated to putting brands and founders back in control of running streamlined and successful capital raises. Its ultimate mission is to simplify the process of raising capital, turning it into a seamless eCommerce experience.

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