First-Of-Its-Kind, Multi-Functional Water Fountain Naturally Improves The Well-Being Of Modern City Dwellers

Trephei Ventures Pty Ltd, a creative new startup company, today announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for HaloFalls—a unique and multifaceted home decor and lifestyle item that features a calming water fountain, ambient room lamp, and high-tech Bluetooth speaker system, all-in-one. Designed to uplift the ambiance of any space and improve the well-being of its users, HaloFalls recreates the therapeutic sounds of nature in one elegantly designed tabletop water fountain.

“With our busy city-centered lifestyles, spending time outdoors and improving our well-being through nature’s peaceful elements can be difficult,” said Anoop Jose, Founder and CEO of Trephei Ventures. “With HaloFalls, our goal is to provide individuals with the healing essence of Mother Nature without having to step outside. Its unique, one-of-a-kind design creates an oasis of calm wherever it is kept, providing people with an indoor zone to refresh and rejuvenate themselves.” 

HaloFalls skillfully combines three unique and complementary features in one and is an ideal solution for today’s modern lifestyles:

  • Water Fountain: HaloFalls’ primary feature is a beautiful, three-level water fountain that evokes the healing sounds of nature indoors. Boasting innovative design elements, HaloFalls’ water fountain is spill-resistant, and its motor is engineered to be silent.
  • Ambient Light: With 360-degree surround light, HaloFalls serves any indoor space as a modern lamp, with features including customizable mood lighting and eco-friendly LED bulbs.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: A high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled dual speaker system enables HaloFalls to deliver premium sound that competes with other popular smart speakers on the market today. 

Available for a limited time only, special pricing is now live for early Kickstarters backers. The first HaloFalls will ship by September 2021 and shipping is available worldwide. 

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